Machigai Shoukan! Oidasareta kedo Joui Gokan Skill de Rakuraku Seikatsu Average 2 / 5 out of 1
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On his way home from work, Ren, an unlucky young man, was suddenly summoned to another world to be the hero. However, the royal sorcerer found Ren to have no skills and declared Ren to be the wrong person and banished him from the castle. Ren had to make a living by working for the adventurer’s guild, but then he discovered an extraordinary hidden skill that allowed him to make anything he could imagine. He used his cheat skills to help solve the town’s problems, as he enjoyed blacksmithing and foraging. But it was not long before he was arrested by the royal sorcerer, who discovered the existence of his hidden skill. With the help of his skills and the people of the city, Ren made a great escape. Now with the help of a guild receptionist, a former guard, and a young archer, he begins his journey of helping others in this world.