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With a lifespan of a thousand years, the eccentric high elf embarks on a journey at will. 120 years after he became conscious of his memories of his previous life, Acer got tired of living in a dull forest. “Well, I don’t want to live as a High Elf anymore. This life isn’t for me.” If you have a long life anyway, you should go out and experience a lot of things! So instead I became a disciple of Dwarves who were interested in blacksmithing and didn’t get along well with him, waved my sword in the dojo, visited distant port towns to eat seafood, and sometimes helped people in need. The whimsical high elf thus begins his free-spirited journey. If anyway life is long, do not you want to experience a lot of things out of the world! To bad dwarf the relationship interested in the blacksmith Becoming a disciple, sword-wielding at the dojo with the sword technique of street performance, visiting a distant port town to eat seafood, and sometimes helping people with spiritual arts- the freedom of a whimsical high elf. A free-spirited journey begins.