Makoto Isshiki’s Lady Law to Nanoka no Mori Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Author’s Health

Makoto Isshiki's Lady Law to Nanoka no Mori Manga Goes on Hiatus Due to Author's Health Best Manga, Free Manga, Read Manga Online, Manhua, Manhwa

The official Twitter account for Makoto Isshiki‘s Lady Law to Nanoka no Mori (Lady Law and the Seventh Day Forest) manga revealed on Friday that the manga is going on hiatus due to Isshiki’s poor health. This year’s 38th issue of Kodansha‘s Morning magazine had stated that the manga would appear in the 40th issue on Thursday, but the manga did not appear in that issue. The Twitter account will reveal at a later date when the manga will return.

The manga launched in the 24th issue of the magazine on May 14.

Isshiki launched the Forest of Piano manga in 1998 in Kodansha‘s Young Magazine Uppers, and it ran in the magazine until the magazine ceased publication in 2004. The series resumed in Morning in 2006 and ended in 2015. Kodansha published the 26th and final volume of the series in December 2015.

Kodansha Comics began releasing the manga digitally in October 2018.<!–, and it describes the series:

This is a story about a piano, pitifully abandoned in the woods, and a young boy, Kai, who grew up playing it as his favorite toy. While Kai cannot even read sheet music, one day, he meets Shuhei Amamiya, an aspiring child pianist who transfers schools from Tokyo, and their music teacher, Sosuke Ajino. Ajino was also once a gifted pianist, until a tragic accident stole his promising future from him forever. Each from a different background, the trio’s personalities gravitate to one another and rebound. All the while, the piano sits patiently, awaiting a hand to play it.


The 12-episode first season of the Forest of Piano anime premiered on NHK in April 2018. Netflix is exclusively streaming the series. Netflix debuted new episodes inside Japan immediately after they aired on NHK, and debuted the season outside of Japan in September 2018. The anime’s second season premiered in Japan in January 2019. Netflix debuted the season outside of Japan in June 2019.

Source: Lady Law to Nanoka no Mori manga’s Twitter account

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