Happinet Unveils Onegai Patron-sama! Male VTuber Project With October Net Anime

Happinet announced a new project titled Onegai Patron-sama! on Friday that will consist of both a “main story” net anime and “side story” male virtual YouTuber (VTuber) personality videos. The project will launch on its official YouTube channel in October, with new “main story” and “side story” videos every week. Natsuko is designing the characters for the project.

Happinet Unveils Onegai Patron-sama! Male VTuber Project With October Net Anime Best Manga, Free Manga, Read Manga Online, Manhua, Manhwa

The story centers on hero pair teams named “Patraisers,” consisting of “Sugars” and their supporter “Patrons.” The Patraiser teams “reinvigorate people’s frozen hearts.”

The “main story” videos will focus on a single Patraiser pair, consisting of the Sugar Asahi Yuga (bottom row center left in image above, played by Masaya Imamura) and his Patron Ryoya Nekoyashiki (bottom row center right, played by Masato Toyoshima). The “side story” videos will focus on their daily lives, as well as the other characters.

The other cast members include:

  • Keigo Hoshino as Touto Higuma (top row, leftmost in image above)
  • Takafumi Maeuchi as Mine Kurumi (top row, rightmost)
  • Yūhi Asagiri as Yo Tsugiki (bottom row, leftmost)
  • Shō Sakagami as Inari Tsugiki (bottom row, rightmost)
  • Kazuma Yamada as DC (top row, center right)
  • Hideyuki Kobayashi as ??? (top row, center left)

TANOsim is credited for animation production for the anime. Satoru Kuwabara (fandelmale) from Arte Refact is credited as producer for the theme songs and insert songs. Masayuki Tamura is composing the music. Keiichi Nozaki the sound director and BGM producer. Atsushi Yamaguchi is credited for arrangement, with assistance by Izuki Itō. Bit Groove Promotion is credited for sound production.

Source: Comic Natalie

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