Black Channel Net Anime Debuts After Delay

Black Channel Net Anime Debuts After Delay Best Manga, Free Manga, Read Manga Online, Manhua, Manhwa

The YouTube anime adaptation of Kei Kisaichi’s (name romanization not confirmed) Black Channel manga debuted with its own YouTube channel on Tuesday. The anime was previously slated to debut earlier on August 21.

The manga’s story centers on the demon Black who comes to the human world in search of content for videos. He wants to expose the hidden side of humans, games, and hobbies. Black’s “high-efficiency assistant” is the camera demon Camera-chan.

The anime will have all-new story content. YouTube anime production and distribution company Plott is producing the anime. Plott is known for producing web anime shorts such as Teikō Penguin. Digital animator Ryo-timo became creative adviser of Plott in April.

<!–Kisaichi debuted the manga as a one-shot in the second issue of Shogakukan’s Mira Coro Comic magazine on January 17. The manga topped the story division of a reader popularity poll to earn serialization in the main Monthly Coro Coro Comic magazine. Before the manga series’ launch, the magazine announced on April 15 that the manga is getting an anime adaptation.–>

Sources: Comic Natalie, Black Channel anime’s YouTube channel

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